Sardines in Organic Olive Oil 190g

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The history of Ortiz has been linked since its inception to traditional fishing and respect for the sea. The path that took them from a small canning company on the Basque coast to what they are today, crosses five generations, which in 1891 began fishing for Bonito del Norte in Ondarroa, Biscay.
Freshly caught sardinas of the Sardina pilchardus variety are made in the traditional way.

They are cleaned by hand one by one and fried in organic virgin olive oil. Canned sardines, like albacore tuna, improve over time and become softer and more delicate. Just like wine, cans of albacore tuna and sardines can be kept in a cellar to improve their quality and flavor over the years.

Tasting advice: The authentic taste of sardines can be eaten plain or enhanced with a squeeze of lemon juice or a dash of balsamic vinegar. You can also enjoy it with a plate of pasta, on a pizza, toast or in empanadas.

The products of Conservas Ortiz are characterized by the artisanal fishing processes and the emphasis that is placed on the origin and freshness of each fish prepared. Ortiz uses only traditional fishing techniques that respect the environment.

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